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Developing relationships with the people who impact your business and your buyer’s decision making process. Webdigita helps you manage all your influencer relationships in one place. Influencer marketing involves marketing products and services to those who have a way over the things other people buy. This market influence typically stems from an individual's expertise, popularity, or reputation. Marketing to an audience of influencers is similar to word of mouth marketing, but it doesn’t rely strictly on explicit recommendations (See also Word-of-Mouth Marketing).

Influence can come from a wide range of places. Any person, group, brand, or place could potentially be an influencer. For example, celebrities are often used to market products because they are highly respected and highly visible. When a celebrity uses a product, the maker of that product gets exposure and the respect that comes from a celebrity endorsement (See also Marketing with Celebrities).

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Why Choose Webdigita For Influencer Marketing ?

  • Certified Professionals

    Our SEO Experts are experienced and certified professionals, some of them are also media management graduates.

  • Creative Discussion

    Our SEO team will help you create fast, reactive updates that completely hits the mark & sparks further conversation that gets your brand coverage outside of your immediate industry.

  • Search Engine Monitoring

    We’ll comb the search engines, making sure that you know which webpage is ranking, how it ranks and what is the ROI, and whether it’s positive.

  • Reporting & Analysis

    We love data and our SEO reporting will help identify and inform future activity not only in your seo circles but across all your marketing channels.

How we can help

We cover everything search-related, from consumer understanding, technical analysis and high-level strategy to content creation and link building.

  • Influencer marketing strategy, plan and program development.
  • Influencer marketing execution.
  • Influencer identification.
  • Influencer recruitment and activation.
  • Influencer persona development
  • Onsite Event and conference influencer amplification.
  • Content development to activate audiences.
  • Social channel selection.
  • Event management to engage influencers.
  • Blogger outreach.

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