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Social media has paved a way for the world to engage themselves in global networking. This has lead social media to be the best source for news updates, marketing, education and entertainment. As social media was initially designed to socialize, it is easy to earn the trust of prospective customers through this mode when compared to the mainstream marketing methods. Though social media marketing kicked off as a secondary extension to advertising, it has become a must for all business and has turned itself into a phenomenon that cannot be neglected without facing a considerable level of downfall even with any reputed business.

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When it comes to marketing on social media, it is important to create brand awareness to win over consumers’ trust. Social media marketing not only makes your business or brand name familiar among your target audience, it also helps in increasing a company’s public profile as well. Social media also helps in reaching target customers based on their interests they have reflected on their social media accounts. This assists brands in reaching out to responsive customers at their zone instead of the general target marketing. This mode of branding has by far proved to be the most persuasive when it comes to portraying products and/or services worthwhile and reliable.

In spite of being the most effective target marketing option available at present, social media marketing can be done with less time and effort. This in turn helps in reducing extensive workforce placements and helps in cost cutting. It gives businesses a commercial exposure up to 85% according to a survey conducted by forbes. As more than half the population across the globe are registered online through various social media platforms, the chances of acquiring customers are fairly high through this method. Though, the most important and valuable advantage of social media marketing must be the factor that it enables active customer interaction. Businesses can attract customers by engaging them with some interactive methods like questions and answers, polls etc.,

Moreover, social media marketing can generate more lead/sales. "Social media today", an online community conducted a survey where it was revealed that about 71% of social media users are likely to purchase products from brands to which they are connected online through social media websites. This shows that social media marketing produces as much as twice the amount of leads than any other marketing channels. This mode of marketing not only benefits the business owners, but also the consumers. It helps them to get a exposure on the products/services available which spares them the effort of doing tedious research by themselves and hope for a good experience with nowhere to rely on. Thus building an online presence is a two-way beneficial factor. With our social media marketing experts' assistance, create a positive perspective of your business and help your customers reap a feel good about your brands reputation online.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What platforms are the ecommerce websites developed on?

Our eCommerce Team are experts in building website based on Magento, Wordpress, Opencart, Shopify etc..

What is the cost of building a eCommerce website?

The cost varies based on your requirements, we have built websites for 100+ small, medium and large scale enterprises.

How long does it take to develop a eCommerce website?

The time take to develop varies from one ecommerce project to the other based on the project requirements, we have built websites in a week while some websites have takes more than 6 months to complete.

Can i sell products in multiple countries?

Yes! You can sell the products on your website all over the globe.

Do you provide post delivery website support?

Yes! all our ecommerce website development clients get premium support for 1 year.

Will training be provided after project delivery?

Yes! we traning all our clients post delivery on handling and managing the website.

Where does the eCommerce team develop projects?

All the eCommerce website development services are done in chennai.

Can i sell products in multiple countries?

Yes! You can sell the products on your website all over the globe.

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