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PayPal is one of the most advanced and accepted payment gateway services used by several eCommerce websites all over the world. It’s one of the most secure payment gateway solutions available in the market. PayPal caters to wide variety of business needs, providing services all over the world adhering to respective country’s financial standards. PayPal has simplified global eCommerce transactions by making cross country payments possible and easier supporting different currencies and languages. It uses secure and precise APIs called PayPal IPN, PayPal Do Direct to connect to more than a million active users.

PayPal is one of the most widely used dynamic payment gateway solution available in the internet and e commerce market today. We at Webdigita, a complete eCommerce service provider, deliver web solutions in different technologies like Magento, PrestaShop, WordPress etc complete with integration of various payment gateway solutions including PayPal developing a complete and secure eCommerce solution. Our experienced team of programmers and specialist expertise in PayPal payment gateway integration which comes bundled along with our eCommerce developmental services. We also offer PayPal Integration services for our clients who already own a website and wish to include PayPal as their payment solutions for its online customers. In today’s cashless economy, consumers use both their credit cards and debit cards to purchase products or services and make payment online, which can be large or small. This calls for a secure method of transmitting critical financial information from the customer to the bank.

The payment gateways make such information transfer in a secure manner and make the debit/credit card transactions even more efficient. The process should also be smarter and quicker for today’s fast life demands. PayPal is a very trustable and dynamic online payment gateway module which we can integrate in our online web and mobile applications providing a secure payment option for your customers. PayPal has gone one step further than other payment gateways supporting and accepting checks through a smartphone’s camera, a card swiper etc.

PayPal offers several types of payment choices for your web or mobile applications and we at Webdigita experience in integrating the required paypal option based on your business requirements. The popular Paypal payment solutions which we offer to integrate are

Express Checkout:

The most popular of PayPal payment solution which allows you to have receive online payments without having a dedicated merchant account and other special financial requirements. The only requirement is to have your bank account verified through PayPal express checkout account. However, transactions through Express Checkout method are processed on PayPal platform rather than from your website.

Adaptive Payments:

Integrating PayPal’s Adaptive Payment method allows break up of payments and transmit to upto 6 different receivers at the same time.

Direct Payment:

The Direct Payment method allows you to receive online payments directly from your website through PayPal API. We help host the entire payment process in your website, giving your customers a complete shopping experience.

Recurring Payments:

If your online business allows accepting recurring payments for your products and services, we have the right solution. Its PayPal’s Recurring Payments method.

We also provide integration of following PayPal solutions:
  • PayPal Standard
  • PayPal Payflow
  • PayPal Payment Pro
  • PayPal Payments Advanced
  • PayPal WPP Hosted
  • PayPal Masspay

Integrating PayPal into your website has its own advantages. Its checkout option is simple and the PayPal Page can be customized to look like a part of your website. Paypal reporting system allows you to track and manage financial information which may require for auditing and managerical purposes. With our expertise in PayPal integration into website and mobile application, you can experience a secure payment transaction for your online business.

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