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The rise of mobile applications and social media might have taken the front row in digital marketing, however, emails remain the most preferred way for business communication and for brands to consistently interact with their global customers. If you are looking for a customized Email template from your PSD sample, Webdigita holds the key for a fast and effective solution. Our hand-coded responsive email template, undergo testing across different email clients to ensure compatibility. We ensure turnaround time of as low as one working day and help you avoid the last minute email coding crisis.

The quality of the business promotional email is crucial for the success of your email marketing campaign and to increase your conversion rate. Your transactional email should also entrust your customers with your brand values. Developing a professional email template is the most important stage when working on your email marketing campaigns. It ensures your design preference will remain same and display exactly as you have designed on your clients’ laptops, tablets and mobile phones. Our PSD to email conversion service ensure you get a customized and responsive email template that refers itself across different platforms and screens.

Email marketing is and will remain the most successful form of digital marketing. According to studies, a well-planned email marketing campaign has a very good conversion value and high ROI. A consistent Email marketing plan allows you to stay in touch with your clients, to give updates on your products and services, notify them of your sales and promotions, send out news etc. In general, it solidifies your brand presence in the minds of your customers. However, to establish your brand’s style and identity, just a simple text email won't work. You should include product images and effective call to actions along with the text in the right proportion to give a professional look and feel. And this should be rendered properly across all platforms and devices to reap its full benefits. To increase your sales graph and achieve a good conversion value from your email marketing campaign, you should have a solid way to deliver your engaging designs to your clients’ mailbox in the same way as you have envisioned and designed. This is where PSD to HTML email conversion services will help you to achieve the desired results.

With 50% of emails opened on mobile devices, you should be 100% sure that your good-poking emails are really responsive and compatible with numerous mail clients and email marketing platform before commencing with your marketing campaign. And if you decide your email template should be dynamic like, greeting your customers by their names, a count down timer or to display different types of products for different clients, etc, you need the right technical hands to get a properly coded HTML email from your PSD. We at Webdigita help you to develop a responsive HTML email template to style your email message from your design source.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What platforms are the ecommerce websites developed on?

Our eCommerce Team are experts in building website based on Magento, Wordpress, Opencart, Shopify etc..

What is the cost of building a eCommerce website?

The cost varies based on your requirements, we have built websites for 100+ small, medium and large scale enterprises.

How long does it take to develop a eCommerce website?

The time take to develop varies from one ecommerce project to the other based on the project requirements, we have built websites in a week while some websites have takes more than 6 months to complete.

Can i sell products in multiple countries?

Yes! You can sell the products on your website all over the globe.

Do you provide post delivery website support?

Yes! all our ecommerce website development clients get premium support for 1 year.

Will training be provided after project delivery?

Yes! we traning all our clients post delivery on handling and managing the website.

Where does the eCommerce team develop projects?

All the eCommerce website development services are done in chennai.

Can i sell products in multiple countries?

Yes! You can sell the products on your website all over the globe.

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